Useful Contacts

General Medical Advice

Cardiovascular advice

Heart disease, blood pressure, stroke managment and preventative guidance


Managing diabetes, diet, recipes and healthy lifestyle advice

Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Help to understand your lung problem, how to use medications better and how to get the best out of your doctor


Chronic Kidney Disease

Explains the different stages of kidney disease, implications and monitoring

Mental Health problems

Factsheets and advice regarding common mental health problems and how to seek help from medical services.

Elderly and Dementia

Valuable resources to help you stay fit, helathy and independent. How to managge issues including power of attorney, benefit applications and move to supported accomodation

Cancer Screening

Explores the current screening services, breast, cervix and colon. Offers advice regarding prostate cancer risk management.

Sexual Health and Contraception


Week by week planners guiding you through your pregnancy

Child Immunisations

Other Useful Sites