Sophia Addo

Sophia Addo

Gender: Female
Primary qualifications: BSc, RGN

Sophia Addo with experience in Chronic Disease Management, women's health, immunisation administration, and wound care. She is currently training to be an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and doing a Masters Degree.

She works Monday to Friday

Sophia is our Senior Nurse, she has been with Portland Road for 13 years and has undertaken her Advanced Nurse Practitioner Training.

She is qualified to asses and treat minor ailments such as: 

  • Chest/Ear/Eye Infections
  • First Presentation Fungal Infections
  • Cystitis / UTIs
  • Coughs/Colds
  • Acute Musculoskeletal Pain

Sophia has two minor injury clinics a week in addition to her nursing clinics.