Dr Liam Topham

GP Partner

  • Gender: Male
  • Primary qualifications: BM, BS, MRCGP

Dr Liam Topham graduated from Nottingham Medical School in 1993 and qualified as a general practitioner in 1999. He has worked in many areas of the UK and Australia and joined this practice as a GP Principal in 2001. His special interests include mens' health, dermatology, minor surgery (lumps and bumps) and teaching medical students. As a Partner, Dr Topham holds many responsibilities for the efficiency and effectiveness of the practice, he is also the prescribing lead and ensures that our prescribing complies with national and local guidelines.  He works, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday


Dr Shirley Mak

GP Partner

  • Gender: Female
  • Primary qualifications: MRCGP, DRCOG, MRCS, MBChb

Dr Mak joined the practice in 2012 as a full time GP.  She has an interest in childhood health and urology.  She works Monday to Thursday.


Dr Laura Ferro De Reynolds

GP Partner

  • Gender: Female
  • Primary qualifications: MBBS, MRCGP, Post Dip. Derm

Dr Reynolds joined our team in June 2016.  She has an interest in mental health and cardiology.  She works Monday, to Thursday


Dr Shalini Angunawela

Salaried GP

  • Gender: Female
  • Primary qualifications: MBBS, MRCGP

Dr Shalini Angunawela works at the practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She is the clinical lead for Safeguarding and has an interest in paediatrics.


Dr Edward Day-Robinson

Salaried GP

  • Gender: Male

Dr Day-Robinson works at the practice on Monday, Thursday and Friday. 


Aditi Babel 

Gp Registrar

  • Gender: Female

GP registrars, are fully qualified and registered doctors. They have passed out of medical school and completed their 2 years of pre-registration in hospital and been admitted as fully registered doctors on to the GMC list. They are currently on a 3 year GP registration course, this involves further hospital medical training and an attachment to a practice under a supervising qualified GP. All GPs must undergo this training before they can become fully qualified GPs in their own right.



FY2’s (foundation year 2) are medical practitioners who have completed a medical degree and are in their second year of a Foundation Programme (a two-year, general postgraduate medical training programme which forms the bridge between medical school and specialist/general practice training). They remain under clinical supervision of a senior doctor but are qualified to make independent management decisions regarding patient care. We currently have one FY2 (Susannah Ashfield) on our team who see patients four days a week. 


Explanation of Doctors’ Qualifications

  • Medical Degree – BMBS, BM, MBChB: These are all equivalent medical degrees. All doctors study at university for 5 or 6 years to obtain a medical degree, the exact name of this depends on the university.
  • Additional Science degrees – BmedSci: This is a university degree awarded after 1-3 years of further study.
  • Postgraduate Qualifications – DRCOG, DFFP, DRSH, CME: Diplomas awarded for studies in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Family Planning, sexual Health and Medical Education respectively.
  • Membership of Royal College of General Practice – MRCGP/nMRCP: MRCGP is awarded for passing the membership exam of the Royal College of General Practitioners, and is the qualification allowing a doctor to practice as a GP.
  • MSc Sports medicine: This is a postgraduate Masters Science degree in Sport Medicine.